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Sale / Discount - Kipas Angin air

Barang Unik - Life style, Home & Kitchen - Kipas Angin air
Berat : 0.01 kg
Detail Produk:
Barang unik -> Kipas angin ni unik loh... selaen berfungsi sebagai kipas tap sambil menyemburkan air... jadi lebih dingin... he7

gunakan kipas ini ditengah kepanasan kota kita hehe :)

warna : biru,ungu,hijau.

"Mist fan / water spray fan / summer essential / handheld cooling fan / fan / ultra-fine mist

Necessary choice for cool summer, with the ultra-fine mist powerful fan, safe soft leaves, cool enough to not hurt!

Ultra-lightweight and convenient where you are where are cool!

. Colors: Blue, purple, green,

. Size: Height 26.5 cm / Width 9.5cm / 6.5cm in diameter
. Weight: 180g (excluding water and batteries)
. Material: Bottle: PVC, ABS material / nozzle: high-density material HDPE, PP
. Power supply: two size 5 battery (not included)"

Harga: Rp.105.000
Harga: Rp.105.000
Hemat: Call

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